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My Deer Hunting Photos

January 2018

Got my Euro Mount back from my good friend, Don Olsen..

My 2017 Whitetail Buck

I finally hit the jackpot! I shot this buck on November 21st. We’d seen this buck last year, but just one time and he was on posted property. I chased this buck every day for 10 days straight and finally got a 250 yard shot at him. I figure during those 10 days I walked over 50 miles trying to get a shot at him. Gross green score is 176 2/8 and net is 168 2/8. Pictures do not reflect his mass and tine length. He has 40 inches in mass alone. He dressed out at 180 pounds on the nose. I’ve shot a lot of big bucks, but this is the largest and I’ll probably never shoot a bigger one. I was able to get some photos of this buck one day from a distance. Oddly enough, he was chasing some mule deer does around…

Click on the photos to enlarge them…

Luke’s 2017 Whitetail Buck

He shot this buck in the field next to the house on November 18. He’s a big old 4X4 with 8″ brow tines and he weighed 211 pounds. He was chasing a smaller buck around some round bales when we saw him…

Lukes Buck - Nov 16 2017 010
Luke’s 2016 Whitetail buck….



My son-in-law’s, Kendall’s, whitetail 2016 whitetail buck..


Luke’s 2015 buck…. 5X7 Killed the day after Thanksgiving.

Click on Photos to Enlarge

Lukes Buck - Nov  2015 008

Lukes Buck - Nov  2015 011

Lukes Buck - November 2015 005

Lukes Buck - November 2015 006

November 21, 2014

Luke killed this dandy 6X7 today east of Chinook… His best buck to date!!!

Lukes Buck - 2014 043

Lukes Buck - Nov 2014 007
November 13, 2014


I killed this double drop tine buck on the 13th around 4:30. It was -8 below when I left my truck.. I hiked about a half mile and sat on a ridge overlooking the creek bottom.. I sat there for about an hour and a half and didn’t see much and was getting ready to hike back to my truck when I decided to try my grunt call. This buck evidently had been lying within 100 yards of me in some weeds as suddenly he was standing up looking around. I shot once and he dropped, but got up and took off. I shot again and he dropped for good. He broke one of the drop tines off when he fell. I went back the next day, but couldn’t find it. The snow melted a few days later and I went back and found it lying where he had fell the first time.. I got lucky!!!

He weighed right at 200 lbs. hog dressed (lungs, heart, liver, guts, etc. removed) after hanging for 3 days…..

double drop tine buck  2014 015

double drop tine - - - -024

Double Drop Buck - Nov 13  2014 004

Double Drop - Nov 13  2014 003

double drop - - - - 005

Double Drop Buck - Nov 13  2014 009Double Buck Weight - Nov 2014 004
April 2014

A whitetail buck I found dead while out looking for sheds with the dogs.

WT Buck Found Dead - March  2014  P1000265

This is a nice Muley Buck I killed in the Bear Paws this year…November 19, 2013. I only got the one photo as I didn’t have a tripod and I was by myself…too far from the road to drag, so I boned him out and packed him out…

Muley Buck - November 19  2013 003

November 2012

Well, not a deer but an elk I killed recently. I finally drew a special permit for the Missouri River Breaks (District 700) and was able to kill this bull. It only took me 34 years to draw a tag!!! I didn’t see many elk, but you only need to see one if it’s the right one! The meat is outstanding…..good (or better) than any beef I’ve eaten.

Click on Photos to Enlarge.

Elk Hunt - 2012 027

Elk Hunt - 2012 026

Elk Hunt - 2012 048

I was in the clump of timber behind where the bull is laying when I shot….

Elk Hunt - 2012 038

Click on any Photo below to Enlarge.

September 2011

Well, sometimes you lose them. I shot this buck with my bow the other evening and decided to wait till morning to look for him. I went back and daybreak and couldn’t find him. I didn’t think he went far, but after searching for a couple of hours with no luck I decided to go get a couple of my dogs and return. The dogs found the dog fairly quickly, but by then he had spoiled (it was very warm). I should have taken the dogs with me right off the bat, but didn’t think I’d have any trouble finding him… Live and learn. That’s Charlie and Lil in the photos. Charlie is the black and white Springer and Lil is the liver and white.

Click on any photo to enlarge…

Updated November 3, 2010

I killed this buck on October 24, 2010. I saw this buck one time in early September on some posted property a considerable distance from where I killed him..


November 2009

Hunting season is over for this year. I killed this buck north of town during the second week of the season. I watched him lay down in a big CRP field (weeds) and was able to stalk to within 300 yards of him. He’s a 5X4…nice buck.


Click on any photo to enlarge


This is a nice 6X5 I shot north of town a few years ago. He was standing underneath a small tree about 300 yards from where I was…. I couldn’t see his head or horns, but I knew by the size of his body that he was a mature buck so I shot. I wasn’t disappointed when I walked up to him!

WT Buck 6X5 Maddox Ranch North
Another buck I killed in the CRP. I was hunting with a good friend and my Father-in-Law when we spotted this buck bedded with a doe. It was about 60 degrees and the wind was blowing about 50 mph…….not exactly typical weather for mid-November in Northcentral Montana, but it happens from time to time. We flipped a coin to see who was going to try for it and I won the flip. He was laying along a ditch, so after some crawling I’d gotten as close as I could but couldn’t get any closer. For whatever reason the buck got up and started chasing the doe directly toward me and I killed him at about 200 yards. Nice 4X4.

WT Buck 4X4 Maddox Ranch North
This isn’t the biggest buck I’ve ever killed, but he is unique… Not sure what happened to the one side, but it obviously was injured at some point in time. He has 5 typical points on one side and 3 points on the goofed up side.

WT Buck Archery 5X3 NT
Another buck I killed in some CRP south of town.

WT Buck 4X4 Brinkmans
I killed this buck in a CRP field a few years back… He was laying with another buck and a doe when I first saw him. He jumped and ran before I could get a shot. I made a big circle and a couple hours later spotted him again and was able to stalk within range and get a good shot on him.

1 - Whitetail buck - Block Mgt North Chinook

Buck 2 111603

Buck 2 scanned 1
Alberta 2008. I watched a monster buck go into a long, narrow strip of brush about 600 yards away at about 11:00 in the morning. I got ready and waited for him to come out the other end, which was only about 300 yards from my stand. I saw a buck standing in an opening, put my crosshairs on him and put him down. When I got to him I realized I’d shot a different buck!!! It looked like he had been bedded just inside the brush and my guess is that when the whopper buck got close to him he stood up and decided he’d better leave. I was somewhat disappointed, but Hey….that’s hunting.. He’s a good heavy horned 5X5, but not even close to the other buck. This area (just south of Peace River) produces some absolute monsters. Oh well…another time maybe..
Canada Hunting Trip - 2008 024

Canada Hunting Trip - 2008 009
This is a buck I killed in 2008. That’s my hunting buddy, Mike, in the one photo with a nice 4X4 he killed the same week. My son and I hunted this buck all fall. He was spending most of his time on land closed to hunting, but made a fatal mistake one afternoon and I caught him outside of his sanctuary. We played cat and mouse for several weeks. He was pretty busted up by the time I put my tag on him… both brow time were busted off as well as a couple of other sticker points. The first photo is one I got of him one afternoon from a distance..
Deer Oct 25   2008 XX 003

Crooked Horn Buck and Mikes Buck Nov 08 010
Crooked Horn Buck  November 11 - 2008 004

Crooked Horn Buck - 2008
I killed this buck in 2007 out on an open flat north of town. I’d seen him prior to the day I killed him, but he was laying up where he could see a long ways in any direction……there was no real way to get close to him. Finally, one morning I stalked to within 600 or 700 yards of him and couldn’t figure out a way to get close to him. For whatever reason he decided to get up and he started walking toward me. He stopped at about 200 yards and I killed him.

Deer Season 2007 024
Deer Season 2007 NT Whitetail 006
I killed this buck with my old .50 Caliber Hawkens in 2006. I hunted him all fall with my bow, but could never get a shot. I took several photos of this buck prior to taking him. He was a dandy 6X6.

Big Buck Oct 06 By old shed
11-6-06  6X6  #14
11-6-06 6X6 in truck #3 X
I was driving home from the dump one day about 2:00 in the afternoon and spotted this buck laying in my neighbor’s field. I stopped in to ask to hunt, got the go ahead, and was able to put a haystack between myself and the buck to use for cover to stalk within range.. He was a real nice 5X4.

WT Buck 1993

This is my son, Luke, and a buck I killed back in the early 1990’s. I shot this buck in a huge CRP field right at dusk. He has a lot of character….he’s a 7X8 with a lot of nubs around the base of his horns.

wt 1995 Luke
I killed this buck 14 or 15 years ago along a creek bottom south of town. I’d seen this buck a week or so earlier and jumped him up out of some thick brush and killed him as he tried to make his getaway…

WT Buck Clear Creek Ranch
I killed this 4X5 a few years back after a long belly stalk through a stubble field….. He was laying with 2 other bucks and I shot him in his bed.

wt buck Maddox Ranch 5X4
I killed this buck within sight of our house a few years back….. Some of my neighbors were driving a herd of cattle through the area I was hunting and spooked all the deer. I looked into some brush about 300 yards away and spotted this buck in a small opening watching the guys on horseback herd the cows. As soon as things were clear I shot and killed the buck.

WT Buck 5X5 Maddox Valley Ranch #2
WT buck 5X5 Maddox Valley Ranch
This is a buck I killed north of town along one of the creek bottoms in 1997… Or was it 1998? 🙂

Whitetail Buck 1997 Photo #2
Whitetail Buck 1997 Photo #1
This is a Muley Buck I killed just south of the Saskatchewan Border in 2004. I don’t hunt Muley’s too much, but I couldn’t pass this one up!

Muley buck 2004 #1
Muley buck 20040020
This is a 6X6 I found while pheasant hunting one day. Someone had shot it in the butt. It was still alive when I found it, so I put it out of it’s misery… This was a young buck that was really showing some potential, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to show it.
Whitetail buck CRX2

6X6 whitetail 2002
This is one of the heaviest horned bucks I’ve killed…..really good mass. He’s a 5X5. I killed him in a coulee just off the edge of a wheat field.

1996 Buck ems
I think I killed this buck around 1990. I killed him with my bow during archery season from a tree stand.

wt 1990  Munson Ranch archery~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Another buck from the 1980’s (1984?). I missed this buck with my bow during archery season, but didn’t miss when rifle season opened. He was a nice 6X5.

WT buck 1984
I killed this buck around 1988… A good friend of mine missed this buck a week or so before I got him. We were hunting together and he forgot to put a bullet in the chamber and missed an easy shot. By the time he got his gun loaded the buck was on the move and he missed. I hunted for the buck for a week straight and finally caught him coming up out of a coulee late one afternoon..

WT Buck 1988
This is a buck I killed with my recurve back in the 1980’s. I wasn’t sure of the shot and left him overnight….when I went at daybreak and a pack of coyotes were eating on him and there wasn’t much left except the hide, horns, some bones, and a few scraps of meat. Coyotes are a real problem around here….I took a chance by waiting until the next morning and they beat me to him..

WT buck Archery Coyote Got it
Another buck from the 1980’s. This is one of the heaviest and maybe the oldest buck I’ve killed. I had to drag him out of some thick brush and across the crick and I remember barely being able to get him up the bank on the other side and it was all I could do to get him in my truck. I never weighed him, but he was a horse.

WT Buck Brummer Ranch 1985
I killed this wide 5X5 in the mid 1990’s in a wheat field north of town….

WT Buck Maddox ranch 1995

Montana 1985….. These are two nice bucks I killed along the Milk River. I shot one buck on November 14, and the other the next day. We used to be able to kill two bucks per season, but haven’t been allowed to for quite a few years now. 1985 was one of the coldest hunting seasons I remember…. We had a lot of snow and a lot -20 to -30 mornings. I was taking these bucks to thaw out in a friend’s garage when this photo was taken…as you can see they were frozen solid.

WT Bucks 1985

Montana 1980…. I killed this 5X4 along the Milk River west of Chinook.

WT Buck 5X4 Anderson Ranch 1980
I killed this buck along the Missouri River in Central Montana around 1981. I had to cut him in half to get him on top of my little Subaru! He was a 5X5 that went about 24″ wide.

WT Buck Missouri River Breaks 1981

WT Buck 5X5 Missouri River Breaks #2
WT buck 5X5 Missouri River Breaks 1981
Mid 1980’s. Bow season. I killed this 4X4 from a tree stand along one of the creek bottoms north of town.

WT Buck Archery Watkins Ranch 1986

This is a buck I killed a few years back with my bow (can’t recall what year….2000 maybe?). Shot him along a creek bottom north of town while still hunting (from the ground)

Archery Whitetail Buck - Stukers
This is a 5X5 Whitetail Buck I killed along the Teton River during archery season in 1979. I killed this buck from the ground (still hunting)

WT Buck 1979

Vermont 1975…..that’s my old 1953 Willys Jeep Pickup I drove for several years.

Vermont Deer Season 1975
Vermont 1973. A buck I killed after a successful deer drive with friends and my nieces and nephews….

Vermont Deer Season 1973
Vermont 1972…….”Where any buck is a good buck”.

Vermont Deer Season 1972
Another photo from “Yesteryear”… Vermont 1968. This young 4X4 dressed out at 153 pounds if I remember right.

Vermont 1968 - Tim
Vermont 1970… 5X5 213 pounds. Thats my folks in the photo with me and my two newphews.

Vermont 1970-Dad-Ma-Frank-Bruce-Tim BW
This is the first buck I ever killed… Vermont 1967. He was a 3X3 and field dressed 187 pounds. I killed him the day before Thanksgiving…. Where do the years go?

WT Buck Vermont First Buck 1967


5 Responses to “My Deer Hunting Photos”

  1. Great photos. You have really got a lot of memories saved on film. Looks like you have put a lot of time into this. It’s really great.

    • Thanks…. I just wish I had more photos from years ago. We didn’t take many photos when I was a kid and the ones we did take were not all that great.

  2. Man i love those old pics…the guns-cars-trucks-what people wore back then. some great memories for you i’m sure. very nice deer thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Phenominal blog T!

    • Thanks, Derek…… It takes time, but I’m having fun putting it together and when I’m done I’ll have a nice record of my hunting and outdoor photos…

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